#Anti Sec

امسال آقای جادی چالش جالبی رو مطرح فرمودن
منم خوشم اومد و قبول کردم چالش جدیدم: فقط به خاطر طرح جلدش انتخابش کرده باشم, کتاب مورد نظرم Cryptography For Dummies .

Chapter 1 - A Primer on Crypto Basics
Chapter 2 - Major League Algorithms
Chapter 3 - Deciding What You Really Need
Chapter 4 - Locks and Keys
Part II - Public Key Infrastructure
Chapter 5 - The PKI Primer
Chapter 6 - PKI Bits and Pieces
Chapter 7 - All Keyed Up!
Part III- Putting Encryption Technologies to Work for You
Chapter 8 - Securing E-Mail from Prying Eyes
Chapter 9 - File and Storage Strategies
Chapter 10 - Authentication Systems
Chapter 11 - Secure E-Commerce
Chapter 12 - Virtual Private Network (VPN) Encryption
Chapter 13 - Wireless Encryption Basics
Part IV - The Part of Tens
Chapter 14 - The Ten Best Encryption Web Sites
Chapter 15 - The Ten Most Commonly Misunderstood Encryption Terms
Chapter 16 - Cryptography Do’s and Don’ts
Chapter 17 - Ten Principles of “Cryptiquette
Chapter 18 - Ten Very Useful Encryption Products
Part V - Appendixes
Appendix A - Cryptographic Attacks
Appendix B - Glossary
Appendix C - Encryption Export Controls

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